Whether we want to accept it or not, Autumn has arrived. Dark mornings and cold nights are upon us, so we need to adjust our wardrobes accordingly. So if you haven’t already turned over a new leaf and started planning your winter wardrobe essentials, we have come up with ten tips to help you get started.

  • Clean Out Your Wardrobe

You knew this was coming, right? There is no better way to make space (for more items of course) and to evaluate everything you own, than going through your wardrobe methodically, piece by piece. 

  • Take Note of What You Have

Curate a list of all the category gaps you have recognised while going through your wardrobe, like items you don’t have enough of or need to update. Identify key investment pieces you need and budget for them, like shoes, knits, coats and bags or any basics that need replacing.

  • Research

Go online and look at your favourite web stores and view their latest autumn/winter collection. See what styles and trends are in this season and begin scouting the best and most cost-effective version of each item that you need online. 

  • Make an Inspiration Board

Use Pinterest, your favourite blogs, lookbooks and online shops to curate your favourite style inspirations and to figure out what you want your overall look to be for the season.

  • Assess Your Lifestyle

The perfect wardrobe should not only reflect your personal style, but also your lifestyle. For example, corporate wear and heels won’t be so appropriate if you work from home or spend your day on the go. What you wear should compliment with how you live.

  • Stick to a Colour Story

For convenience and practicality, the majority of what you wear should be in a neutral colour palette of blacks, greys, whites and nudes, which allows for optimal mixing and matching which will keep your wardrobe feeling fresh. Add excitement to neutrals this season with structure and texture.

  • Quality Over Quantity

You should aim to have a small wardrobe of high-quality key pieces and low-cost essentials that can coexist together beautifully to give you your personal style. You’ve heard it before, but less is always more.

  • Seasonal Updates

Also known as ‘the fun stuff, buying on-trend items should be purchased in moderation. It is still acceptable to buy a few trendy pieces to carry your core wardrobe through each season and to give your wardrobe a refreshing lift.

  • Buy Only What You Love

Once you have clearly defined your overall style direction for the season, it is time to go shopping! Careful consideration of what you need beforehand will prevent impulse buys and overspending. You should love everything you buy and each piece should compliment your style and the rest of your wardrobe. Winter clothes can be more expensive so you want them to be able to be carried through to next year.

  • Create Some Go-To Looks
Once all the shopping is complete, familiarise yourself with your new wardrobe and spend time putting together as many different outfits as you can for every scenario.

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